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Working for the SGH group

Join an innovative, dynamic, international group that manufactures and designs medical devices as a preferred partner of the pharmaceutical industries.

Built on strong values, the SGH Healthcaring group operates in a demanding sector, marked by the increasing pace of innovation and changing habits. The creation of the group was driven by its ambition to become a world-leading manufacturer of medical devices, by combining the strengths of SMEs that were already experts in their field. Working for the SGH group is an opportunity to drive its transformation.

An international group
With two manufacturing plants in France and shipments to over 40 countries worldwide, the group is one of the leaders in its sector. A sales office in Canada supports the group’s ambitions by developing its business in North America and Latin America. The group has made clear its ambitious expansion plans. 

Liberating talents
Every day, we create our own success thanks to each of our employees. It is the expertise of the group’s men and women and their project-management abilities that have allowed us to build trusted partnerships with key accounts in the pharmaceutical industry.
Working for the group is your opportunity to express your talents and support us as we grow

Innovation is part of our DNA
The group puts users at the heart of its development process. By studying the functionalities of existing devices, identifying gaps in the market and analysing users’ needs, our teams work hand-in-hand to develop devices that will meet their expectations as effectively as possible.
Innovation has been part of the group’s DNA for years.

Apply for a job (see the job descriptions in French only here) or send us an email application to:

GENDER PARITY in the workplace index – (Decree no. 2019-15 of 8 January 2019)

Gender parity in the workplace was declared a major national priority for his five years in office by the French President and needs everyone to play their part. Discussions led by the Ministry of Labour began in May 2018, on developing the methodology that would enable all businesses with more than 50 employees to move from an obligation to use their best endeavours, to a requirement to achieve a specific result in terms of gender parity. These discussions resulted in the establishment of a gender parity index, which came into effect on 1 March 2020 for legal entities with more than 50 employees. The index for businesses with fewer than 250 employees consists of four indicators and allows them to measure where they stand in terms of gender parity, with a minimum expected score of 75/100. All businesses with at least 50 employees must calculate and publish their gender parity in the workplace index on 1 March each year.

Scores achieved at SGH sites for 2020:

•    Rovipharm 83/100

  • Pay gap indicator : 23
  • Promotion rate gap indicator : 35
  • Maternity leave return indicator : 15
  • High pay indicator : 10

•    Stiplastics 94/100

  • Pay gap indicator : 39
  • Promotion rate gap indicator : 35
  • Maternity leave return indicator : 15
  • High pay indicator : 5

•    Eskiss (N/A – business with fewer than 50 employees)

We are committed and attentive to gender equality and remain motivated to maintaining it.