Our commitment to responsibility

The SGH Healthcaring Group has been growing gradually since 2018, building on the best practices of two of its companies. Over time, they have embodied social and environmental values, illustrated by a number of certifications (ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001) and support for organisations and causes, including the United Nations Global Compact, Handicap International, the French Asthma & Allergies Association, etc.

The Group’s various companies have adopted responsible practices for years, in areas such as workplace well-being, continuing education, responsible purchasing, managing consumption of water, raw materials and energy, governance, regulation, fair trade, active listening, etc. but without implementing a formal system.

We have therefore decided to adopt a fully fledged Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy as the basis for our group’s shared values. A comprehensive, structured CSR strategy is currently being developed, based on a clear commitment to the underlying principles of the international standard ISO 26 000 in effect, but also to obtaining quality labels that demonstrate our approach at our various sites.

The SGH Healthcaring Group has also embarked on an ISO 26 000 certification process, which covers all CSR aspects via the Lucie label. Work is underway and we are now a “candidate” organisation. But being a candidate does not prevent us from making a commitment – quite the opposite!

Our group is based on strong values that are supported by everyone. They are reflected in our day-to-day activities, since we firmly believe that creating sustainable relationships and acting with integrity is the only basis for trust between the business and the people it deals with.


Enjoying what we do, so that we want to keep doing it. Our aim is to make everyday life easier for patients and carers by improving existing devices and creating solutions that will meet their future needs.


Innovating to produce sustainably. Eco-design is not a bland term for plastics manufacturers, because it constantly forces us to push technological boundaries. Waste recovery and developing the use of green materials are both goals we are pursuing.


Pride comes from rigour, seriousness and guaranteeing the safety, traceability and effectiveness of the products we market in accordance with certifications.


Tackling every task with ambition and seeing it through to the end, with no turning back. We have renewed our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact to ensure fair, respectful human relationships.


Manufacturing locally at our three sites in France, to support the dynamism of the areas in which we operate and encourage local integration.

By committing to our CSR strategy, we create value for everyone, from employees to staff, customers and shareholders. We work within the group but also in the wider area, by training young people so that the next generation becomes the talented staff of the future, encouraging collaboration with nearby suppliers to develop local skills, and protecting our environment and resources so that in the future we can go further, together.

Since 2009, SGH Healthcaring has been committed to the United Nations Global Compact social responsibility initiative and its ten principles, based on four pillars: human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We have affirmed our support for the Global Compact France again this year.
See our COP2020.