SGH Healthcaring was formed in recognition of the fact that unity is a source of strength and multi-site production ensures security of supply. As three plastics processing firms with a reputation for expertise for over 30 years, Stiplastics, Rovipharm and Eskiss were the first specialists to join the group, which aims to operate throughout Europe. Our aim is to combine experience, human skills and industrial facilities to offer our customers a strong, comprehensive range of high-quality products and services. 

With our 14,500 m² of production facilities, of which two sites are certified to ISO 13485, ISO 15378 and 14001, SGH Healthcaring is the pharmaceutical industry’s trusted partner from all projects, from medical subcontracting to the design and manufacture of innovative devices. Our modern, high-capacity industrial resources (the group now has 72 presses) can tackle every challenge our customers have to offer!

Stiplastics Healthcaring

Stiplastics joined the SGH Healthcaring group in February 2018, alongside Rovipharm and later, Eskiss. As a key partner to the pharmaceutical industry, Stiplastics has been recognised by leading manufacturers as a designer and manufacturer of innovative medical devices for over 30 years.

ROVIPHARM Healthcaring

Rovipharm has been recognised as a specialist in pharmaceutical dosing for over 30 years, particularly in the design and manufacture of dosing syringes, measuring cups and spoons, and dosing accessories. It joined the SGH Healthcaring group in June 2018, alongside Stiplastics and later, Eskiss.

eskiss healthcaring

Eskiss Packaging joined the SGH Healthcaring group in February 2019, alongside Stiplastics and later, Rovipharm. The group’s ambitious growth plan has been driven by its desire to become a leading global player in the design and manufacture of medical devices, particularly dosing devices and primary packaging..