Nasal aspirator


The Rhinophar® nasal aspirator for babies is now more comfortable to use and offers excellent hygiene when clearing your baby’s nose. It is an essential product for clearing your baby’s nose and therefore limiting secondary infection. Thanks to its innovative filtration system, it sucks away mucus effectively and ensures perfect hygiene.

The Rhinophar nasal aspirator is a Class I medical device.


  • More comfortable: the size of the nose piece gives your baby a more comfortable experience when inserted into its nose. Your baby’s nostrils are not harmed thanks to its soft texture.
  • More hygienic: no more having to put your fingers in mucus to change the filter on the nasal aspirator! Rhinophar’s filter is highly innovative; it has a tab which makes it easy to change without getting your hands dirty!
  • More effective: Rhinophar’s filtration technology ensures powerful suction. The mucus is sucked away almost effortlessly. It stays safely locked away in the reservoir so it can’t run back into your baby’s nose. Perfect hygiene guaranteed!
  • More ergonomic: the mouth piece with notch doesn’t slip and stays securely in your mouth. That means mum or dad has a hand free for the baby!
  • Made in France - bisphenol-free - phthalate-free

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Nasal aspirator
Le coffret rhinophar®
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