Children over 6 years & adults

VisionAIR Plus

Indispensable for administering inhaled treatments, the spacer device VisionAIR Plus is a class 1 medical device. The spacer device sits between the patient’s mouth and the inhaler and ensures the medicine reaches the small airways more effectively and reduces the amount left in the mouth and throat (by slowing down the particles and by promoting the evaporation of the carrier gas).

  • Small and compact (175 ml)
  • Antistatic (made from treated polypropylene): all of the medicine is absorbed by the patient
  • Fitted with an anti-microbial valve
  • Visual valve that moves when inhaling and exhaling to monitor the number of breaths
  • Universal base: compatible with all inhalers
  • Air vent in the base: allows for increased air flow and carries more of the aerosol particles into the lungs
  • No latex or bisphenol A. Compliant with current standards
  • Mouthpiece compatible with various masks and patients who have had a tracheotomy
  • Silicon mask: very soft and comfortable, adapts perfectly to the shape of the face without harm
  • Easy to clean and reusable

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Children over 6 years & adults
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